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The flowers you gave me are rotting [entries|friends|calendar]

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[23 Mar 2010|11:23pm]
Am I wrong for getting upset because someone close to me is with A FUCKING LOSER? A fucking loser who kicks my friend out, and HAS EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSED my friend. To me, that is not love.

I don't understand people. It is REALLY hard for me to just sit back and let this person keep making the same mistake over and over again. Considering this person is pretty much my sister.

Chantel and Averi are going to Florida in May...and I'm reaaaaallllyyyyyyyyyyy hoping I can go with them.
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[27 Nov 2009|11:48am]
I quit Beach Bums...finally! Woohoo. Im back a Sarah Frye, cept I'm not working in the kitchen, I'm an RC (residential care) so I work on the floor with the residents now. I love it and I'm really glad to be back there.

Thanksgiving was good, although I worked 2-10. Christmas is going to come way too soon.

I've been slacking recently with my school work for my online class...gahhh the semester is almost over!

Next semester I'm taking
Sustaining Democracy
Race, Class, Gender
Deviance and Socal Control
Science, Technology, and Society

I might try and take Physics instead of one of these classes though.

I really should be finishing my ethics homework...
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[26 Sep 2009|03:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

mom and i are moving out in the next couple weeks. not far though.

got a different car, that im not driving yet.

went to a wedding last night, someone stomped the yard on my foot. danced with people i didnt know but had a blast.

im ready for halloween.

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[18 Aug 2009|07:43pm]
[ mood | okay ]

So I haven't updated since Florida. Things have been going okay, and I'm freaking out that its already the end of August. Where did the summer go? Now that its finally nice out the days are flying by.

My brother is planning to move to Florida very, verrrrrrrrrrrrry soon and I can't say I'm happy. I hate talking about it but whatever, at least I have a reason to go to Florida! and a place to stay. It was really nice of Chantels parents to let Jake and I come down there and stay with them. They paid for pretty much everything, which we are really thankful for.

School starts in two weeks.
I think I'm buying my Aunts 2003 nissan altima for cheap which is 458378562897657 times better than the car I have right now, which doesn't even start half the time.
I'm currently searching for a second job.

Time to clean.

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Jupiter, Florida. [16 Jul 2009|03:57pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

I'm in Florida right now! I came down on July 12, got here around 3:30pm. Jake, Chad, Chantel, Averi and I flew down here and are staying with Chantels parents, Ron and Roxanne. We leave Sunday the 19.

This place is beautiful! They live in this amazing community, with the most beautiful houses. My camera is broken, and then my brothers camera broke down here, but luckily we have Jakes camera to use so I'll post pictures eventually.

I wanna move here so bad! We went looking at the different communities around here to get prices and stuff for Chad and Chantel because they plan to move here soon. I would love to get an apartment down here and finish school.

Maine sucks.

So far we've gone out to eat a LOT and I am very thankful because Ron and Roxanne have paid almost every time. Every night we hang outside and in the pool till about 10. We've gone to the beach, which is 5 minutes away, not packed, and the water is wonderful. Fuck OOB!

Yesterday we went to Seaworld, which was nice but VERY hot, (and also paid by Ron and Roxanne) and today Ron, Chad, and Jake went golfing while Roxanne, Averi, Chantel, and I went shopping.

The guys are out to eat, while Chantel and Averi nap, Roxanne is watching tv? maybe I dont know, and I'm ready to take a nap. Then later we'll probably go to the beach and or hang out by the pool.

I really don't want to leave....=[

oh yeah, and I quit Gridiron a few weeks ago.

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[09 Jun 2009|11:09pm]
[ mood | cold ]

My favorite commercials are the geico ones with the whos watching song, the minute maid one with the lady going up to that guy and saying "i think you're the father of one of my kids" and he says "what? oh....canun..." and also the freecreditreport.com ones considering i know the words to all the songs. I watch too much TV. Well..what do you expect when I work 20 hours at a place where the only thing to do is watch tv and do crossword puzzles.

For awhile now I've been thinking that I wanted to work in a forensic lab...maybe be a medical examiner. But if I worked with dead people all day...I would drive myself nuts because I would talk to myself so much.

Who wants to be a medical examiner? Seriously? I do. I watch CSI and Crossing Jordan too much. I need to start doing something more productive with my time...like work out. $10.00 bucks a month gets taken out of my account for the gym that I go to about once every 3 months. Wonderful. I'm not complaining, I just think I should start going more. I was actually thinking about bringing my laptop to work and do yoga and stuff to make my 5 hour shifts pass by. Summer is dead at the salon so I think that's what I'm going to do.

It's freezing in my room.

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[26 May 2009|12:55pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Montreal was fun, minus the fact that I went with a bunch of horny guys. (One of my friends was supposed to go, a girl, but none of them were able to so that's why I was stuck with all guys)

So FINALLY all of my grades were put up on Maine Street and I got all A's, except a C+ in Anatomy. I am actually surprised that I got a C+, which is better than last semester. I thought I was going to do worse, but I guess not considering last semester I got a 58 on my final exam but whatever. For my NAS degree, I don't think I have to retake Anatomy, because it does count, but pretty much if I want to do anything else or get my masters, I'll have to retake it. At this point I have no idea what I want to do.

I haven't been home since Friday, so it will be nice to lay and nap with Jake in my comfy bed tonight.

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[17 May 2009|01:00pm]
I still have teen spirit deodorant that i got in my stocking from jakes parents 2 years ago for christmas.

...shows how much deodorant i actually wear.
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[14 May 2009|01:54pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

My last final is tomorrow, thank god.

I got a job at Gridiron a few weeks ago. I'm not waitressing right now, just hosting/busing. When the guy called me he said I could work as many hours as I wanted/whenever I wanted and right now I only work fridays and saturdays, 5-9. I really hope they train me to waitress soon because it's not worth the money right now considering I'm making pretty much the same at Beach Bums and doing WAY more work at Gridiron/not getting tips from the waitresses. (which apparently at other restaurants they do that even though they don't have to) I need all the extra money I can get though.

I'm taking statistics at CMCC this summer. It starts next week which is shitty but it really works out in the long run.

Next weekend I'm going to Canada with Zach, Tyler, Jake and hopefully Becca. We were supposed to go this weekend but we had no vehicle to take so we have to change the date at the hotel. Hopefully Becca can go 1) because I want a girl to go so I'm not stuck with all guys, and 2) we need someone to drive.

I'm going to florida with chad, chantel, baby averi, and jake in july! can't wait.

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What's new. [24 Apr 2009|02:01pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So last wednesday I dropped off an application at Gridiron and planned on calling them back monday. A few days go by and on saturday I got a call from the owner about working there. Now I'm waiting until 4 to go there and meet with his wife and figure out if I'm working there or not.

This is exciting because I need a second job, and a job that I can possible go to when I quit Beach Bums. Plus Tina works there so it'd be sweet if we could work together.

School is almost done! I can't wait. My last day is May 15, and then me, Jake, Zach, Tyler, possibly Dan, and whoever else are heading to Canada!

-I learned how to drive a standard and I rock.
-I'm looking for a new car! Many more options now that I can drive a standard.

I sold my scooter that I got for free from project graduation last year and put the money away for a plan ticket to florida.

I'm ready for summer!

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[08 Apr 2009|08:07pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

tomorrow i turn 19 and all im doing is working til 6 and studying for two anatomy exams for friday. great.

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[02 Apr 2009|09:33am]
I saw the episode of Tyra that I would've been on. Those fuckers.

Last night Jake and I met up with Kaili, Josh, and some other people at Sparetime for his birthday. Jake slept over and then left this morning around 7:30 for New Jersey with Matt and Josh. He wont be back until monday, which means I wont see him until tuesday because I'll be at my dads, not my moms. Maybe I'll actually get some homework done.

CSI better not be a repeat this week.

Life is still boring. I can't wait until summer. School will be out, and hopefully I wont be tired 24/7 like I am now. I really hope my schedule at work will be mon. 7-1, tuesday 7-1, thursday 1-7 and whatever on the weekend.

I'm going to be so bored for the next 5 days.
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TYRAAA!! [07 Mar 2009|08:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

tarik flannagan just called me to be on the tyra banks show this tuesday!!!!! last time that guy martin called i didnt end up going, but this time they better call me and have me on! i better not get my hopes up! hah this is so exciting!

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[01 Mar 2009|03:22pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

This weekend was good. Jake slept over friday and saturday night. Friday all we ended up doing was going to the gym at 7 and showering at my house. We watched a little tv, and went to bed. I had to work saturday 8-2 and sunday 8-1. Jake worked this morning as well so it worked out.

I think I'm watching baby Averi wednesday. She's still sick. =[

I hope classes are cancelled tomrrow.

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[19 Feb 2009|06:14pm]
I need a new job. My boss is nuts. She thinks I'm stealing shit and thinks that I know the major codes for the computer system. She brings so much drama between all the employees, its ridiculous.

I was finally able to submit my finacial aid and I better not have to pay next year.

Tomorrow I have a 9 hour review/tutor/study session for anatomy. I really hope I do good on the exam next friday!

And hopefully I see baby Averi this weekend! Jake and I were thinking about taking her someday soon, we miss her.

Oh and valentines day was good, except for the fact that I went to bed at like 8.
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[11 Feb 2009|09:44pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]


this is ridiculous.
i wish i was 21.
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[03 Feb 2009|06:41pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

i fucking hate winter. my hands are so dry, i hate starting my car before i leave, and i hate being cold.

sorry for being so negative.

school is pissing me off. i want to transfer.
i want to be with people that are around my age and i want to be with my friends. and i cant do this in college, or at least at this campus because everyone is 40 years old going back to school because they decided to raise a family and get married instead. its hard to make friends with these people. ive just decided to stay quiet in my classes.

and the person that i was actually starting to consider my friend has been pissing me off lately, aka being a bitch, so ive been kinda avoiding this person.

its funny because i honestly think that i am able to like someone easier than they like me.
once i start talking and actually act myself i think people are like wtf your crazy.

im not crazy! just paranoid! watch csi and you'll be scared of being raped and murdered too!

i really hope i dont end up having to work this weekend.

BUT theres spaghetti upstairs that i can't wait to eat AND im hopefully get my income tax back which will hopefully be a decent amount to put away in my savings.

OH and nip/tuck is on tonight! cant wait.

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[27 Jan 2009|06:55pm]
[ mood | determined ]

This past weekend consisted of a sex toy party with Chantel on friday, a birthday party for Chad on saturday, and a birthday party for baby Averi on sunday. All the parties were really fun. Chads 25 (Jan. 30) and baby Averi is 1 today!!

School has started back up, and I'm already stressing out about Anatomy. I ended up getting a C last semester, and this semester I'm going to try really hard to get a B. This semester on tuesday I am attending a tutoring session, which hopefully helps out.

pictures from this weekend.Collapse )
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[16 Jan 2009|11:07am]
[ mood | cold ]

This vacation was good, but very boring.

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[09 Jan 2009|10:52am]
[ mood | sick ]





Happy 3 year Anniversary! love youuu.
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